Beetroot is one of those vegetables you either love or hate. Personally I love this root and like to have some easily available for use all year round – Perfect for a winter salad.
This is one of the classic pickles. Personally I prefer to use a red cabbage, but any cabbage will work well. This is great for adding to salads.
OK I know what you’re thinking… does a recipe for pickled eggs really belong on an allotment recipe?  The answer? Of course it does! Even if  you don’t have chickens yourself being part of an allotment community I can pretty much guarantee that you will know someone who does.
There are varieties of cucumber available that are perfect for pickling as gherkins and these are fine if you have the space. If like most you only have space for one variety then just pick them when they are small and they are perfect for pickling.
This is a great way to preserve horseradish for use all year round in recipes, and of course for serving with roast beef!
These make a fantastic homegrown alternative to capers – great on salads, pizzas and with fish.
I can’t imagine that there is a pickle maker out there that does not have at least one jar of pickled onions in the cupboard… even if they are from a few years ago. They last a long time, are perfect as a snack (although I don’t recommend eating these before a date!) and great with cheese or in a sandwich.
I can’t remember where I first saw this recipe, however I have made this every year for the past five... and will continue for the next five too!

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