Copper Slug Tape

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Copper Slug Tape Copper Slug Tape

Copper slug tape provides an effective barrier against slugs which they do not like to cross thanks to the slight 'electric charge' provided.  This slug tape is therefore great for use around pots, greenhouse staging, or even raised beds - and is great to help get a raised bed under control by combining this tape with other measures such as traps... kill the slugs in the bed, and stop more getting in!

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Tips on use:

  • Just remove protective paper and apply to a dry clean surface. Stick the tape in a complete circle around the pot or other item which needs protection.
  • Trim any part of the plant which may overhang the protected zone or that may act as a bridge for the pests to enter. As with any copper material, this tap will change to a “verdigris” colour, creating a more natural look. This change will not affect the performance of the product.
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