Insect Netting - Enviromesh 4.5 x 2.1m

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Enviromesh Enviromesh

Enviromesh is a premium garden crop netting which provides cosiderable protection against wind, hail and heavy rain. Used correctly it will protect your carrots from root fly, and your brassicas from butterflies.

The fine mesh allows water to penetrate, and plenty of light to get through, while also providing plants with some protection from the weather, helping to maintain moisture in drought conditions, maintain warmth when cold, and protect young plants from harsh rains.  It is also perfect for protecting mature plants such as brassicas from autumn frosts.


Pack Size: 4.5m x 2.1m



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It may be used to cover cold frames or cloche hoops as well as being used to create ‘insect proof ’ door curtains for the greenhouse or conservatory.

With care the enviromesh should last for up to 7 years use - just wash in mild detergent if it gets dirty, and it can be cut to size.  Here at The Allotment Gardener, we have used it to cover a small wooden frame that we use to protect our carrots each year... and we haven't been dissapointed yet.

Notes on use:

  • Do not cover plants that rquire pollination during flowering as it will prevent the bees and inscts from accessing the flowers.
  • Please ensure that plants are covered immediately after planting for maximum protection - Once you have an infestation of carot root fly in the row of plants, the enviromesh will no longer offer protection.
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