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Chives Chives

Chives are another staple of the herb garden. It is very versatile, easy to grow, and once established takes little looking after, and the plant is interesting enough to deserve a place in the flower garden.

Planting Chives

Chives grow in clumps and spread slowly, so when planting divide the clump into smaller sections and plant in apart, and this will soon develop into a healthy patch of grass like foilage, with pink or white flowers (depending on variety).

They can also be grown easily from seed but need a temprature of 19°C to germinate, so best to start them off in pots in the greenhose or the windowsill and plant out when established.  Plant 10-15 seeds per 3in pot.

Best Culinary Chive Varieties

Allium shoenoprasum - or more commonly known as the onion chive.  Ht 30cm with purple flowers in summer.  An excellent culinary variety and makes a great edging plant.

Allium tuberosum or Garlic chives - the name speaks for itself. Ht 40cm with white flowers all summer.  Very mild flavour when young and tender, but the flavour becomes strong and coarse later on in the season.

Using Chives

Add chives to dishes towards the end of cooking to preserve the flavour, great for soups, omlettes, scrambled egg, cheese on toast, or in fact anything you want to give a bit of a light onion garnish to.

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