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Rosemary Bush Rosemary Bush

Rosemary is yet another herb that originates from the Mediterranean region. It is a hardy evergreen shrub, and is worth growing for its appearance alone. Add to that its amazing fragrance whenever you walk past the bush, and its huge value in the kitchen, there is no question that this should be at the top of any herb growers list.

Growing Rosemary

Grow Rosemary in full sun and in a well-drained soil. If the soil conditions are not suitable then Rosemary can be grown in containers. Young plants may need some protection over winter; however Rosemary is fairly hardy and should require no protection once established – although a harsh winter frost can damage shoots – prune these back in spring to encourage new growth.

Bushes can grow up to 1.8m, but if you want a smaller bush just keep them trimmed. Harvest the plant all year round, just don’t take too much at once.


Take cuttings from the growing tips in early autumn or spring.

Using Rosemary

Not only is Rosemary a great culinary herb, it can also be used in cosmetics and herbal medicines. Put a few sprigs on the BBQ under the food and its smoke will give the food a wonderful flavour.

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