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Cumin Seeds Cumin Seeds

Cumin is grown solely for its seeds, which are ground down to a powder for use a spice. It is a key ingredient in many spicy cuisines from Mexico to India, and was also used by the Romans along with vinegar and tarragon to help preserve meat.

Planting Cumin

Cumin is a small unimposing annual plant that reaches a height of around 30cm. Grown from seed, and sited in a sunny position it will produce a crop of seeds about 4 months later.

Plant directly in the soil in spring, or alternatively start them off under glass and then plant out once the risk of frost has passed. They will need a sunny spot to ripen, but they are undemanding of soil type and can be planted in pretty much any soil.


Sow seeds into pots or directly into the ground once the risk of frost has passed.

Cumin Uses

Crushed cumin seed is an essential spice for a number of dishes.

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