A year on the plot - 2013

Bloopers, outtakes and a spectacular fireworks display
The two gardening nuts are out in the rain harvesting the Christmas veg, but wait there's a competition on the video....
Some rotten b@stards have broken in to all the sheds.
At this time of year there isn't a lot to do so the shed gets cleaned out and Jerry checks on the remaining crops
Whilst Jerry continues digging the path, Phyl clears the bean bed, creates a flower border and checks the garlic.
Jerry harvests a few remaining crops and checks on those still growing. He even doe s a bit more digging
  Jerry walks around the plot explaining whats been going since the last video and harvests some crops before the frost.
Jerry saves some water and starts replacing the allotment paths.
Jerry has a look around the plot and shows us how the allotment is progressing.
In light of the imminent storm about to hit the south of the UK we are releasing this video a week early, and have included some tips on what to do on the plot to prepare!
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