Blackcurrant Vinegar

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Blackcurrants Blackcurrants

You can use this vinegar diluted as a summer drink, or undiluted as a flavouring in puddings... It also makes a great addition to some vanilla ice cream.


  • 2Kg blackcurrants, rinsed and dried
  • 2l white wine vinegar
  • 1Kg Sugar

Making Blackcurrant Vinegar

  1. Put the currants in a large non metallic bowl, and bruise them with a wooden spoon.
  2. Add the wine vinegar and stir.
  3. Cover with a cloth and leave for 3 or 4 days stirring a couple of times a day.
  4. Strain the juice through clean muslin.
  5. Put the juice in a pan along with the sugar and boil for 10 mins.
  6. Pour the vinegar into warm sterilised bottles and seal (just use the bottles the vinegar came in... these will already be sterile enough.)
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