Jelly Recipes

Apple Jelly is one of the basic jelly recipes. It is often used as a base for other fruits, flowers and even flowers. It’s rich in pectin and acid, and has a mild flavour.
This produces a reliable jelly that is a little lighter on flavour than one made entirely with blackberries, but cheaper and easier to make (unless you pick all your blackberries in the local park that is)
Blackberry jelly is great for making rich sauces or serving as it is with game or even cheese – why not try it with a baked Camembert?
This is a deep purple jelly that's absolutely packed with flavour.
Like apple jelly, gooseberry jelly makes a good base for other flavours, however this jelly can also hold its own.
This makes a relatively strong flavour jelly, perfect for spreading on toast or bread.
This is a great store cupboard ingredient to have to hand. Great for making gravies and sauces.
The sloes make a great addition to the otherwise uninteresting apple jelly.

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