Sauces and Ketchups

This simple classic requires little introduction, and so easy to make it's a wonder why anyone would by a jar from the supermarket.
This blackberry ketchup may sound unusual, but this ketchup is great with game, cheese, and even on deserts.
This is a sweet ketchup best use to spice up a dessert.
A very traditional classic ketchup.
A great partner to pork, and game dishes, this pontack sauce was traditionally kept for 7 years before use, as it improves with keeping.
Rubarb Ketchup is a delicious way to use up excess rhubarb, and makes a great savoury sauce.
This is a variation on the classic. This recipe makes a much richer more intense ketchup, and whilst it takes more effort to make is definitely worthwhile.
This homemade ketchup is better than anything you could buy. It also makes great use of a glut of tomatoes, and you know exactly what’s in it. This recipe makes about a pint of tomato ketchup (1.2litres).

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