Pickled Nasturtium Seeds

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Nasturtions Nasturtions

These make a fantastic homegrown alternative to capers – great on salads, pizzas and with fish.


  • Ripe nasturtium seed pods – enough to fill a few small jars.
  • Brine – 50g salt dissolved in 600ml water
  • Vinegar – cider vinegar or white wine vinegar is best
  • Herbs – a bay leaf for every jar, or sprig of dill, and a few peppercorns


  1. Pick the seed pods on a dry day and put them in a bowl with the brine and leave over night.
  2. Drain the pods and dry them well.
  3. Pack them into small jars with the herbs leaving a gap of about 1cm at the top of each jar to ensure they are properly covered with vinegar.
  4. Cover with cold vinegar and seal with vinegar proof lids.
  5. Store for a few weeks before using.
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