Chutneys & Pickles

A great alternative to mango chutney on poppadums.
Sweet, sour, and earthy. Great with cheese. 
One of the sweeter chutneys I make, goes well with a big chunk of extra mature cheddar
Chutney can be made out of pretty much any fruit and vegetable you have in excess on your plot.
This is a recipe made by Jenny Tweedie. (@realscotveg on twitter) This according to Jenny may be quite sharp, as the cranberries are an acid fruit to begin with. You can use any vinegar, really, but it should have an acidity of at least five percent. The brown sugar and treacle will give a richer flavour. All chutneys improve with time and you are supposed to leave them for at least four weeks before eating.
I love this on a lightly buttered oatmeal biscuit, the tang is irresistible. 
The colour of this tasty chutney can be adjusted by swapping with red, yellow, green and orange peppers.
A generous serving on the side of the plate with your Halloween jacket potato makes an interesting talking point at your party. Great with cold meats and cheese. 
I can eat this by the spoonful, Tablespoonful that is!
Probably one of the most popular chutneys, ideal for your end of season tomatoes
If you have a glut of tomatoes, and have made all your ketchups and sauces then this recipe makes good use of any spare fruit you may have.

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