Wine Recipes

Apples aren't just for making cider. If you have access to an apple tree this wine is well worth trying. It will produce a light white wine.
Lemon balm is a rampant plant that once established can take over. To keep it in check cut it right back a couple of times a year, and make some wine from the excess.
Beetroot makes an unusual but well worthwhile wine, perfect for making at the end of the season as the beetroot starts to get a bit woody.
Blackberry wine makes a delicious everyday red wine, and can even be served slightly chilled in place of a Beaujolais.
Blackcurrant wine makes a great fruity red wine, while redcurrants and whitecurrants will produce a lighter white or rose'
There is something very satisfying out of making a wine out of this garden weed.  Dandelions are plentiful on any plot (if yours is free of dandelions then tell us your secrets!).  This recipe produces a golden medium white wine.
Elderberry makes a deep red full flavoured wine that improves with age.
This recipe makes a very dry white with the very distinctive taste of summer.  It can be made into a still wine or even better in my option ins the sparking version - perfect for that summer picnic or BBQ.
This recipe is more or less the same as that for the still Elderflower Wine, but requires a few other steps to complete.
Goosberry wine is a delicious dry white, similar to a good hock.
I grow nettles around the fence to my plot, behind the shed, and have found it to be a most effective method of keeping the kids from clibing the fence into the plot.  On top of that they produce a great wine... and I'm told that nettle tea is good for your skin... so surely nettle wine is even better :) Use gloves when collecting the nettles and collect them in spring when the tips…
Whilst is sounds unusual parsnip wine makes a great dry white, and no allotment gardener can call themselves a winemaker until they have made a batch of this true classic!
I'm sure this recipe differs somewhat, but I add this recipe to the site in honour of Richard Briers who's character Tom Good inspired many to start brewing their own... 
This can be made out of any type of plums, damsons or greengages, and each will produce a subtely different wine
Rhubarb's high acidity makes it more suitable to making fairly light wines by keeping the fruit content low.  It is also great as a blending wine, as it is so light it will take on the flavour of any other wine.
Raspberries have a strong flavour and can be overpowering if used to make a wine wholly from them, however mixing them with some red grape concentrate makes am interesting and delicious sweet red wine.
Wine can be made from tinned fruit all year round.  How many of us have tins of fruit sitting in the back of the cupboard somewhere that never get used? Why not put them to use and make a delicious wine out of them? The following recipe can be used to make 1 gallon of wine (4.5litres) from any 410g tin of fruit. 
If you grow vines on your allotment or garden you will know how rampant they are, and how much you will have to prune them in the summer.  Put the prunings to good use and make this 'Folly' wine.  Cut only the green shoots and not the ripe wood, or the vine will bleed.

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