This soup is simple to make and is as popular as ever.
Serve with sliced grilled cherry tomatoes and plenty of coarse black pepper for an interesting contrast.
Simple tasty soup to warm you up on a cold Winter day. This recipe feeds four hungry mouths. I'm sure you can work out how to change the quantities, depending on numbers.
 I think you’ll agree it’s rather special, if you try it. The quantity of coriander added gives it a Thai flavour, may experiment with, fish sauce and lemon grass next time.
If you can’t make this why have you got an allotment?
 As the annual courgette/marrow glut is in full swing we are indebted to Karen Synnuck one of our Facebook friends for this recipe she describes as "most probably my most fave soup ever!"
An old classic. I use this soup along with four chicken breasts topped with sliced potatoes in a casserole dish. Cooked in the oven, this makes a great meal, with fresh green veg
This is a recipe I invented when making Tarka Dhal, I also use it as a base for my Dhansak dishes.
This is one of the classics and once prepared is traditionally served with slices of toasted french stick with melted cheese on top.
Imagine having a flask of this tasty soup with you down the allotment on a cold winter's day or whilst having a late evening bonfire.This is so easy to make and delicious.
I love this and will always have bacon in mine, however for a veg only option it can be left out.
This is a spicy, and hearty soup – a meal in itself.
This soup is so easy to make and perfect for the winter evening when you're back late from the allotment. Also perfect for using up any pumpkins that have been carved for Halloween.
Tomato and Basil soup is another timeless classic, here is a simple and tasty version that is a joy to find on the table after a cold day on the allotment.

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