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Repelling those little pests that nibble our plants.

Posted by on in Gardening
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One of the hardest jobs in the allotment is always keeping off the little pests that come along and nibble our produce before we get a chance to ourselves.

Companion planting helps to deter the unwanted bugs and I am sure some of you have some old tried and tested remedies which I haven't mentioned.  

This year I intend to use some old and new remedies for deterring the pests and I will tell you later on the site if these worked for me.

CARROT FLY: I find this to be the worse pest, attracted to the smell of carrot leaves, so this year I will plant them in a raised bed with SPRING ONION and CHIVES growing all around the edge of the bed.

ONIONS: I will grow these close to the greenhouse, which has got TOMATOES, PEPPERS and CUCUMBER inside, whilst also being in close proximity to LETTUCE, the CARROT bed and BEETROOT. Hopefully the strong smell will deter many common pests.

GARLIC: this is one of natures most effective fungicides and, planted next to FRUIT trees or Roses, this pungent plant counteracts the onion flies and aphids.

APPLE: is known for being damaged by the woolly aphis. If CLOVER and NASTURTIUMS are close by the predators will be attracted to them and not the apple.

NASTURTIUMs and LEMON BALM help reduce white fly infestation and attract aphids that nibble the BROCCOLI and SQUASH.

POTATOES: Growing HORSERADISH, PEAS, OR CELERY close by helps reduce the pests that affects the potato.

CABBAGE/BRASSICAS: Last year was a big problem for the cabbage. Last year, I had lots of white butterflies in my allotment so this year I will place pots of peppermint around them.

BROAD BEANS: These are great grown close to GOOSEBERRY to stop the sawfly caterpillar stripping the bush. I have seen the stripping done in a day.

BORAGE and LAVENDER is great for attracting BEES so if you have any fruit or vegetables that need help in pollination, your yield could be increased.  This year I will grow BORAGE close to my fruit cage and strawberry bed.

FENNEL grown close to CABBAGE attracts hoverfly, which can also helps to combat whitefly given that they are the latter's predator. HYSSOP and SAGE also lures the whiteflies away

SLUGS: I think Jerry asked how we deter these slimy creatures a short while back but I have since been told to sow cheap lettuce seed next to your SPINACH etc and hopefully they will go for the lettuce and not the plant. 

Around the allotment and near the greenhouse I often have a lot of ants. TANSY's very strong smell can discourage them.

DILL and YARROW will attract ladybirds, our beneficial insect that feed on the pests.

RATS AND MICE: If anyone knows me well, you will know that I have a fear of moving boxes and piles of twigs etc in case a rodent does a surprise run around. It wasn't until recently I found out that daffodils, Scilla and grape Hyacynths for some unknown reason discourages them. Unfortunately, no help in summer. 

FLOWERS/ROSES: Chives next to Roses create poses. Mint/garlic/chives all deter aphids and protect against black spot. 

Hope some of these tips are useful to you but if you do have your own, then please do share them. Thank you.



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