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Enough is Enough!

Posted by on in Personal Blogs
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The new “Dig for victory”

We at The Allotment Gardener have decided enough is enough. No longer can gardeners ignore the terrible situation we find ourselves in. When Phyl and I decided to launch The Allotment Gardener it was to give a bit back to other gardeners, to share what we could, including the wealth of experience across the country, to help other people get started/resolve problems and make the great hobby we have available to others.

Since shortly after starting our website we have supported Save Farm Terrace Allotments in their fight against the “Health Campus/Watford Council” to save their allotments from the developers.

This fight is now spreading up and down the country as council after council, decide that a car park is more important than an allotment. Well as stated above ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We have decided that we will open our site to be the campaign HQ to stop this sordid situation from continuing. We both work full time and therefore have limited time to commit to this cause, but with your help we will challenge the authorities and try to turn this wave of stupidity and protect allotments up and down the country.

What we are proposing is that we will open up the site, somehow, to allow people to post ideas, useful information, meeting times and places etc. in a co-ordinated attack on those organisations hellbent on destroying our pastime.

Should we be successful in drumming up enough support, let’s be honest there are enough allotmenteers and gardeners up and down the country, then we start an official petition to change the law that currently allows the Secretary of State to do away with an allotment at the stroke of a pen.


Please send in your comments, indication of support, ideas or details of your allotment plight to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or comment on this blog by logging in and adding a comment.

Here are a few of the e-mails we have received so far

AB said

Well done to you all. I have only had my allotment for a year, but would be devastated if I lost it. Every allotment holder should be able to say their piece, and leave what little green space there is, for the enjoyment of others. After all the government dont give a toss about the elderly and retired folk, wanting what little enjoyment is left in life. I am not retired or elderly but it is my space for peace and quiet, enjoying all the fruits of my labour, getting exercise, fresh air, and doing something that I absolutely love.

LR commented

No, I don't have an allotment but likewise we are losing more and more green spaces to concrete. If you don't stop it now then one day, the decision makers who are concreting over everything, will wake up older and wiser and wonder why there is nothing left, nowhere for them to retreat to, nowhere for them to grow their fruit and veg when they lose their jobs or just need some space and peace. They need to understand this is for the future, to keep both younger and older people stimulated, healthy and happy, to teach children about life, love and respect, about how and where their fruit, vegetables and gardens come from.

VS e-mailed us


Hi i got my plot in 2002 and this was from a suggestion from my Doctor as i was very depressed after a nasty time in my life ,this helped me a lot as i was able to reduce my meds after about six months ,i was then told i had F.M.S. and after a few years started to get very bad pain in my legs this was because i also had arthritis in my legs also .i still walked up to my plot but from 2010 i have not been able to get there except by car ,i still love to get up there to potter around but have a co-worker to do most of it ,to lose my plot would be devastating for me as i use my plot to heal myself, i have a fish pond and my greenhouse which i love to sit in and do my cuttings or grow from seed to go into my garden .i have everything i need to cook and keep warm so its home from home its a garden you might find at the back of a country cottage ,to have the threat of having houses built on the allotments is terrible ,to have all that noise from them building ,the traffic ,and then kids this is going to take away the tranquil silent peaceful surround we plot holders treasure so much 

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